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Joseph Cattin Dry Riesling 2010


Joseph Cattin is a family producer in the upper Rhine region of Alsace.  Lately I've become a big fan of their dry Riesling, and let me clarify, it is in fact dry.  This comes exclusively from their estate vineyards in Voegtlinshoffen and the vines are planted at particularly high density (5500 per ha) in order to naturally limit their yields.

The aroma is intense but not so powerful you smell it from across the room.  Fresh and not too ripe Pineapple is the first thing that hits me, followed by a hint of sweet tart, some yellow peach, candied lemon, and even just a whiff of fresh hay.  It's a bright, fun aroma that almost sparkles, in an aromatic kind of way. 

The palate is one of those cool juxtapositions that I like: ripe tropical fruit grounded with intense acidity.  There's a hint of the Riesling spice there too that builds into the finish alongside the acidity.  It's smooth in texture, but not too full, kind of medium bodied.  I can taste fresh tart apple of, lets see if anyone even recognizes it, the tiger stripe variety.

This is a really good wine for pork roasts and ham.  It is a great pair that provides zest and zing to cut the fat and smoky qualities of a pork roast or the saltiness of ham.  Easter's coming!  This is available at the Scarborough Meat House, Downeast Beverage, and Aurora Provisions.


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