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Gaspare Buscemi ViNero

Gaspare Buscemi got into the wine making business as a consultant when he was just 20 years old. That was in 1959 and he's now in his 70s.  Back in his early days the wine industry in Italy was primarily focused on mass producing large volumes of wine at very low prices; that was where Gaspare started out, but it didn't take too long for him to make up his mind that wine should be more special and unique than that.  He was part of the first wave of young wine makers to rebel against the green revolution in wine making and turn their backs on higher and higher yields enabled by higher and higher use of pesticides and additives in the winery.

Gaspare traveled all over Italy as a consultant wine maker, but settled back in Collio Friuli to start buying his own vineyards and beginning to craft wines in his own personal way.  Buscemi has adopted many practices from biodynamic farming and tries to craft his wines naturally with out any manipulation in the cellar.


ViNero is a proprietary blend that varies year to year depending on the weather and harvest.  Gaspare never reveals what the blend is, but there must be some Merlot and Refosco; very likely some Cabernet Franc as well.

Aroma: The ViNero has an inviting and relaxed aroma of roses and some fresh strawberries.  It's definitely more of a floral smell than fruit driven.  It's a bright, fresh, perfumed kind of smell that makes me think of bright spring flowers.  It's very inviting and invigorating smelling, not serious, intimidating, or brawny. 

There was just wine in that glass, I swear!

Taste: Buscemi's ViNero is nice and fresh with bright acidity and a smooth texture.  ViNero is lighter in body and while it may be natural wine making it doesn't seem dirty at all; the flavors are bright and pure.  Very clear fresh raspberry is the primary fruit I get.  There are some tannins, but they're very much in the back ground.  Buscemi's ViNero is delicious, thirst quenching, and very refreshing.  The ViNero seems to really shine after it's had a bit of time to breathe and open up.  If you try this, open it a bit early.  

Buscemi's ViNero is available at Aurora Provisions and the Rosemont Markets for about $15


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