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Jean-Paul Brun Terres Dorees Cote de Brouilly

Jean Paul Brun started making wine from the 4 hectares of vines on his family farm in 1977.  In 1979 he established Terres Dorees as a winery and became a full time wine maker.  He now has over 30 hectares, demonstrating that organic farming and wild fermentation isn't only for tiny garagiste domaines.  Brun's Cote de Brouilly comes from two small vineyard plots on southeast facing hill sides.  The vines are 50 years old and the soil is outstanding for Gamay: decayed granite scree that gives the vines excellent drainage as well as focused vivid acidic and mineral structure.


Aroma: Brun's Cote de Brouilly has an exceptionally pretty aroma of fresh strawberries and raspberries.  The aroma isn't super powerful or sweet smelling and verges on being more floral, but it's in a very pretty and elegantly fresh way.  As the fruit aromas subside a bit there's also a rose petal aroma that comes through.


Palate: Juicy, but with a crisp stone foundation.  This Cote de Brouilly is a medium bodied wine, but so smooth and round and fresh.  The texture is velvety and suave, with just the barest tiniest hint of tannin.  Brun's Cote de Brouilly is deliciously juicy and lush from start to finish wile still tasting alive, energetic, and vivid. 

Brun and Terres Dorees is imported into the US by Louis Dressner Selections and if you click on the link included just there you can read a great interview with Brun on their website.  Devenish represents Louis Dressner in Maine and the more of their portfolio I taste the more impressed I am.  Sadly we only got 5 cases of Brun's Cote de Brouilly so this is only available at Maine and Loire in Portland and the Blue Hill Wine Shop in Blue Hill Maine.  The Cote de Brouilly retails for around $20.


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