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Cornelissen Contadino 2015


The new vintage of the Contadino has just arrived!  Frank Cornelissen is an awesome guy who has one of those reality distortion fields that people talk about every now and then, often in reference to Steve Jobs.    Frank just has an amazing amount of passion and dedication to making the most honest and natural wine expressions possible from Etna's north slope.  His goal is to make wine that is the liquid representation of Etna's rock.  This 2015 Contadino is a really lively and vivid wine that grabs your attention.  It's so full of energy and raw joy that it's hard to actually pin the wine down and say that it's one thing or another.  


Aroma: Like always, Frank's wines are a different animal from what main stream wine is.  There's so much here that the best I can do is a mix of scorched earth, ripe red strawberries, and baking spices like cinnamon, cardamon, and nutmeg.  This Contadino has a lot of fruit in the nose ranging from dried apricot to ripe dark cherry and dark blood orange.


I'm blown away by how this wine is big and powerful with such presence while at the same time being so zippy and up on it's toes and just jumping for joy!  It opens with this racy almost blood orange kind of acidity but then the mid palate opens up and the finish is so long.  And there's just this hint of a burnt smoky kind of thing in the back underlying all of that.

The Contadino is such a special wine.  The mid palate is so juicy and lush but it's racy and dancing at the same time.  Based on what I've tasted this might be the best Contadino yet.  It has all that excitement and energy but it's structured, serious, and balanced.  Not too many stores have had time to get the 2015 Contadino in yet but you can certainly special order it!  The price has stayed the same and it should be a few bucks under $30. 


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