Devenish 2016 Thanksgiving Wine Picks
Cornelissen Contadino 2015

Matin Calme Mano a Mano

Vintage 2014

Grenache and Carignan from 100 year old vines.  Matin Calme uses organic agriculture and very natural wine making.

Aroma: this is straight up natural wine.  Put it to your nose and right off the first whiff you know this is going to be a wild unapologetic fun ride.   It smells like bloody beef, wet straw, fur, some dried tobacco, and rotten cherries.  Can I still convince you it smells good?  Really, trust me, the Mano a Mano smells like fun; it smells like a party in the woods at night in the late summer.  Or at least it smells like the parties I went to, I don't know about you all.


Taste: Mmmm!  It tastes like all the berries: cherries, raspberries, blackberries, and maybe some real real ripe strawberries.  There isn't enough acidity to make this taste like really fresh young fruit so it comes across more like ripe dark berries.  There is interesting acidity here though, just, it's a teensy bit volatile so the Mano a Mano is smooth at first and then all kinds of wild black pepper and fur and reverb comes in.  Matin Calme hasn't made a really clear crystal cut kind of a violin concerto wine, the Mano a Mano is more of a distortion, sampled, glitchy, fun electronica beat kind of wine.  I love the xxxx out of wines like this.

Kind of sadly only 5 cases came into Maine.  I've sold some and I'm trying not to drink all the rest.  If it sounds good to you please help keep me from drinking it!  Maine and Loire has it priced in the low $20s so go grab one and put on the Glitch Mob or early Daft Punk.


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