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The Peppucci family stumbled on the abandoned Benedictine Monastery of S Antimo in the town of Todi in the early 80's when they were looking for a place to settle and raise children.  They fell in love with the medieval buildings and embarked on a years long project of restoring them.  The vineyards and monastery are on a ridge overlooking the town from about 400 M of elevation.  

Altro Io is a new project the family has taken on.  This is 85% Sagrantino; one of the most tannic grapes known.  Sagrantino is very highly regarded because of it's thick skins and low yields which produce very powerful and age worthy wines.  The problem is that most people don't want to wait 10 years for a wine to be drinkable.  So the Altro Io is the Peppucci's attempt to make a Sagrantino in their own way to be a little bit more accessible.  The small addition of Cabernet Sauvignon helps round it out plus extensive aging in wood and in bottle.  At 8 years old this wine has had some serious time to come together and mellow, and it shows! 


Vintage: 2009

Grapes: 85% Sagrantino and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon

Aroma: the deep dark woods.  This smells like an old oak tree.  There's wood smoke as well as some serious dried cherries.  I can also smell a bit of roasted poblano pepper to the Peppucci.  It's seriously a dark and spicy smelling red wine.    With the wood smoke, seared meat, dried cherries, and roasted peppers it just smells like the things I would want to have around during a snow storm.

Pallet: Sagrantino has a reputation for power and inaccessibility.  The l'Altro io has the power certainly, but it's pretty drinkable now.  The wine is deep, dark, chewy, and layered, but the tannins aren't aggressive.   There are tannins that close the wine out, but they're balanced by the rich dark fruit and supporting acidity that keep the wine from being too soft.  This is a pretty excellent expression of Sagrantino that's powerful and very satisfyingly deep and lush.

20170219_211314 (2)

the Altro Io is priced at about $30 retail


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