Ceppaiolo in Bastia Umbria

Running Around Lago di Trasimeno

I ran around Lago/lake Trasimeno in Umbria.  It was about 30 miles because I got lost and ran up the wrong mountain.  Here's some pictures!


So I started here at Montemelino.  I toured the vineyards and olive orchards with Pierre, while Sabine made lunch.  After touring the vineyards everyone started tasting the wines, but it was almost 1 pm and i knew i had at least 4 hours of running so I decided to hit the road.  Pierre was worried about me, warned me about the roads, and drove me down to the start of a gravel bike path.  


I tried the Ciliegiolo Rose at least before leaving.

  2017-03-30 12.01.11

Here's Pierre in the vineyards. 


This is the Malpasso. I started the run just before here and the bike path went right through it.   It's a small space along the lake where the feet of the hills cone down and form a cliff just a 100 feet or so from the lake.  This is where Hannibal ambushed the Roman Army about 2000 years ago and slaughtered the Romans, killing maybe 15,000.  Ever since it has been called the Malpasso, the bad pass.



The view looking down the path by the Malpasso.


A little further on running through empty fields.  I think this was about an hour in.  


Eventually I got back on roads and went through the town of Castiglione del Lago over on the west side of the lake.  I detoured to run up around the castle.  


Running down Via Romana towards the SP 599


This was 2 hours in


 Coming around the southern edge of the lake they were building a new running path so I got to get off the road for a bit.  


Pretty normal road.  There was a ton of truck traffic so I'd have to jump into the bushes periodically. 



There was an over look I ran through near the southeast corner of Trasimeno 



 I had put the road into Google.  And Google took me to the road, but it was the wrong end of the road in the wrong town.  And there was even an agritourismo at the end of the road, so I ran way up this gravel road to the end of it in the hills only to realize I was in the wrong place and La Staffa was actually like 9 K away across a bunch of other hills.    

An old man told me the Agritourismo was closed and it was not normal for the owners to mix things up if they had a guest coming.  I told him that normal people don't run around Lake Trasimeno and it would be ok.   He was worried though and asked if I needed help and if I was always like this.  I said no, I can figure this out on my own, and that yes, I'm always like this and that I was having a wonderful time running across Umbria.  He said that made him happy and wished me well and went back to pruning olive trees.  


 So there wasn't any good way to get where I needed to go and Google maps ended up taking me on a winding path overland on abandoned trails and washout through the hills.  

2017-03-31 04.44.44

 This seems to happen every time I journey run in Italy.  I end up just running/bush hacking somewhere in the hills.  This was at about hour 4..  


I kept imagining the rest of the NotVinItaly group was on top of one of the hills I was running past watching me.  I kept trying to guess which hill I was going to have to run up.  


 Finally I saw a sign for La Staffa!  They also had stables and a riding school so I found those first and then eventually the winery.  I walked in to everyone in the winery barrel tasting with Danilo Marcucci and just launched right into tasting wacky sparkling Trebbiano!  I felt a little weird, but with some prosciutto, bread and olive oil I snapped out of it.  

With all my dumb getting lost and detours I ended up covering 30 miles.  It was a pretty awesome run through the center of Umbria and I got to see a ton of cool stuff.  Feeling the impact of the lake on the temperature Depending on where I was and the wind was really interesting.  





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