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Collecapretta Vigna Vecchia

Vintage: 2014

Collecapretta is an old family winery in central Umbria in the little town of Terzo la Pieve.  It's close by the slightly less obscure town of Spoleto which lends it's name to the particular version of Trebbiano that is grown here; Trebbiano Spoletino.


This wine made me throw out all my preconceived notions of what Trebbiano is and can taste like.  I'd never had a Trebbiano like this before; it has almost nothing in common with other mass produced expressions I've had.  The Mattioli pretty much lays it all out of the label.  This is Trebbiano Spoletino from vines over 40 years old, farmed without chemicals, in a vineyard 600 m above sea level, harvested at the end of September, fermented with natural yeast in Cement tanks without temperature control.  It was only racked once and then bottled without any added sulfur, at the beginning of June and in accordance with the lunar calendar.  Wine's don't get much more up front than that.


The Vigna Vecchia is a bit hard to write about because it is such an interesting wine and so many of the flavors just aren't similar to many things that are common in Maine, but that just makes it more fun!  This wine saw about 5 days of skin contact.  Interestingly the family makes another bottling under a different name that is essentially the same selection of grapes, but without skin contact.  

Aroma: The first thing that hits my nose is actually bees wax; then I smell honey, orange peel, marmalade, and cooked peaches.  There's a lot of tropical fruit to the aroma, but there's also a lot of earthy rich waxy aromas too.  Beeswax and cooked fruits that have peels to them were the closest I could get.

Palate: The Vigna Vecchia is definitely a bigger white with some serious texture to the mouth feel.  It's personality comes across as relaxed, but it has good acidity that makes it lively and fun on the palate.  There are tastes of peach and also papaya in the way that papaya is tropical but earthy at the same time.  

This is just a brilliant delicious wine to drink.  It's awesome that this has so much presence and flavor but is only 12.5% alcohol.  Collecapretta made just 3527 bottles of the Vigna Vecchia and I really highly recommend trying it.



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