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Caneva da Nani Visit


We rolled up to Caneva da Nani and Marcello,  one of the two brothers that runs the winery, was ready and waiting with pitchers of Col Fondo prosecco!


Marcello uses a little tiny electric lees stirring machine, the head of which can fit in through the spigot on the cements tanks so that he can stir the lees with out having to open the tank and expose the wine to more oxygen.  


Marcello explaining how super productive the Glera grape variety naturally is.  He said that if he doesn't leave 4 grape bearing shoots the plant will still just shoot out more branches during the vineyard and waste energy on extra leaves.  So the best compromise is to leave 4 arms per vine as opposed to the 1 or 2 arms that are normal on other grape varieties in other places.  He still gets only half as many grapes per vine as all the big prosecco producers down on the flat lands.  


Caneva da Nani has about 4.5 hectares in Valdobbiadene, around the corner from the Cartizze.  The vineyards are absurdly steep.  This is most of their vineyard, located in a southwest facing amphitheater that gets perfect sun.  


Matt and Marcello in the bottle aging room.  After bottling Marcello waits at least three months for the fermentation in the bottles to finish, the malolactic fermentation to finish, and then for the wine to calm down and the lactic flavors to fade and the fruit flavors to re-emerge.  You can see one bottle that has a pressure gauge closing it instead of a crown cap so that he can see what pressure the bottles are achieving.  


Ever wondered about the name Caneva da Nani?  You heard the explanation that it's wine for their grandfather Nani?  That's Nani in the blue shirt and Nonna sitting on the bench.  Hanging out relaxing in the sun, drinking their wine, and grilling meat.  Caneva da Nani makes two wines from their 4.5 hectares.  75% of what they make is the Caneva da Nani Col Fondo.  Next we went inside their house, all sat around a big table with the family, and ate all the platters of grilled meat.  

It was awesome to visit and experience Caneva da Nani.  They're just a relaxed little winery with the while family involved.  They don't want to grow, they don't want make crazy new wines, they love what they're doing and they do it super well because they've spent life time perfecting it and they love it.  


Start of the Not VinItaly Tour

It's the morning of day 2 of the Not VinItaly Tour with Matt Mollo.  Basically, Matt Mollo and a bunch of wine people from the North East are touring around north and central Italy visiting small family wine farms as a counter point to VinItaly.  We made it to Venice on the morning of April 23rd and immediately jumped in a van and hit the road for Friuli and Marco Sara's place.

We met up with Marco and then headed around Povolento and Collio Orientali Friuli to check out a bunch of his vineyards.

2017-03-24 10.55.06

The crew



Old Vine Refosco on terraces facing west.


Marn and clay soil in the vineyards


Tasting in Marco's winery

I got in 3.5 miles of hill repeats before dinner but then I got up at 5:45 on Thursday the 24th and got in a hour and a half run through the hills.  The hills in Collio are steep!  It was maybe the slowest 8.5 miles over ever run!


That's a steep hill

2017-03-24 11.40.07

I got the sun coming up over the Julian Alps.