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Dinner at El Camino in Brunswick

Last night I found myself in Brunswick around 5 o'clock.  El Camino is one of my favorite restaurants in this state so I take any opportunity to get dinner there.  Twins Eloise and Daphne try to use as much local produce as possible and as a result there is a large specials board that's always changing.  Every time I go there's something new and exciting. 


Bluefish Scalpicon

I started out with a smoked Bluefish scalpicon.  The Bluefish was smoked in house, then ground up with cilantro and served with crostini.  The Bluefish was meaty and really well seasoned with just enough salt balanced by the cilantro and a hint of lemon.  I particularly liked the texture.  It was very smooth and fine, with no graininess. 


Fresh Lobster and Chanterelle Soft Tacos

Oh Hell Yeah!  These have become kind of legendary and I'm glad I got there while the mushrooms were in season.  Fresh lobster with locally foraged chanterelles, a light cream sauce, and super ripe little quartered local cherry tomatoes.  The lobster was at it's rich meaty best and was a great pair with the earthy chanterelles.  The sauce helped marry them and the tomatoes seemed key in adding just a bit of acidity, but not too much as they were exceptionally ripe.  I polished these off in maybe 5 min. and then had to sit while my friend worked on his Poblano Relleno.

The Poblano Relleno was also delicious.  Spicy local sauted greens with just a hint of bitterness, enriched with local Hahns End queso fresco.  The almonds and raisins balanced each other very well and gave the dish another dimension.  The integration and balance of all these complex flavors was very impressive. 

El Camino is a very impressive example of real dedication to local agriculture and maintaining a farm to table connection.  The pay off is the extremely fresh produce and exciting variation of dishes.  Eloise and Daphne are really talented at subtly combining flavors and I strongly recommend this restaurant!


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