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Cesca Vicent Priorat 2008


Cella Cesca Vicent is an ancient family owned winery in the Spanish region of Priorat.  The vineyards date back to the 1400's.  the current owner/wine maker is Francesca Vicent.  She has spent her life learning about the unique climates of her domaine and of Priorat.  Priorat is a very small region (about 6 miles across) in the Montsant mountains south of Barcelona.  The soil of the vineyards here is dominated by slate and gravel.  The vines roots have to dig extremely deep to find water in this semi arid climate.  This results in very low yields and concentrated fruit.  The winery has made the transition to certified organic agriculture starting with this vintage: 2008.

Aroma: Stewed cherry, roasted walnut, cranberry, vanilla bean, black berry.  Just a hint of woodsey earth.  I can pick up some sweet candied fruit too.  It's a great aroma for this time of year.

Taste: Dense and extracted.  It has real presence, dominates your palate, and is pretty dark.  It opens rather bright and has some fresh cherry fruit right up front.  Then the taste builds into more lush, rich, black berry and hints of vanilla.  I pick up some spices too: cinnamon, coriander.  The wine is expansive but pretty well balanced.  It's not over extracted or too heavy.  Opulent just about hits it.  Yeah, this is an excellently ripe Priorat for a great price.  This retails for just over $20 to $19.99.  For a balanced, layered, lush wine like this from a tiny sought after region like Priorat, that's a great deal.  You can get it at Old Vines, Aurora provisions, the Old Port Wine Merchant.  Stop by Aurora between 5 and 6:30pm on Thursday to taste it!


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