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Philippe Raimbault Sancerre Rose 2010

I would like to start this by saying that this rose is so obscenely perfect that if you see a bottle you should point in the oposite direction, yell "look over there!", grab the Sancerre rose, and run for your life. 


This comes to us from Philippe Raimbault; a fifth generation winemaker in the village of Sury-en-Vaux, just north of the hilltop town of Sancerre.  You can see his website here: Philippe Raimbault  At this point Philippe owns vineyards at several locations in Sancerre, Pouilly Fume, and Coteaux de Giennois appellations.  This Apud Sariacum rose takes it's name from the ancient Roman name for the town of Sury-en-Vaux.  The grapes come exclusively form the steep Silex clay slopes surrounding the village.

100% Pinot Noir

The color is a beautiful pale salmon color.

Aroma: ripe peach, apricots, a hint of fresh raspberry.  There's a lot of floral tones that I can't quite pick apart; definitely some roses though.  The wine is very "together" and doesn't have specific components I can easily pull out.  It's utterly gorgeous smelling and I want to bath in it.  Really.  I might at least wash my face with it the next time I have a date.

Taste: Again the fresh, lush peach, but awesome minerality and vibrant acidity on the follow through.  It's a serious rose with a lot of flavor, but it's extremely smooth.  If you're used to the more common Provencal rose's, this is a whole new ball game.  It has none of the pepper and herbal tones.  This is my favorite rose I've ever had.  It's painful to say that cause I feel guilty to the other roses I've loved.  It's not cheap.  It's about $25.

Rosemont on Munjoy Hill and Aurora Provisions will have it this weekend.  Only about 50 cases are coming into the entire country.


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Lynne Raimbault

Thanks Ned, my husband Philippe Raimbault will be very wishes Lynne Raimbault


You're welcome Lynne. I'm extremely glad it's part of my portfolio and it's exciting, expressive wines that taste like where they come from that keep me and the rest of Devenish excited and passionate about wine. it's gorgeous.

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