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Out Door Dinner Party 7.9.11

I'm overjoyed it's summer; ecstatic!  Really, I'm not complaining about the oppressive, sticky heat.  But I'm not going to cook inside in this.  Or eat inside.  Why anyone would eat inside of their own free will, when it's gorgeous outside and stays light till nearly nine, I don't know.   Saturday I took my dining room table and chairs down to the sculptures by the east end running path and had a dinner party.  It really wasn't that much work and we went light on silver ware and whatnot anyway.


This looks pretty awesome, right?  It was.  Actually it was better than awesome.  Why aren't you doing this?  It's pretty easy, light foods are better in summer anyway.


I smoked three chickens for the main course; people also brought an orzo and fresh vegetable salad, a delicious salad of local greens, pie, gelato, a huge bowl of fresh strawberries, and of course plenty of fine wine.


We were there for about 4 hours and wound down a bit after sun down.  You don't have to get this involved, but really, you ought to eat outside more often.  It's not that much work and the reward is worth it.