Dominio do Bibei Wine Dinner at Bresca Wednesday October 19th
Midsummer Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Fowler Vineyard 2008

Baudouin Champagne NV Brut Prestige


NV, Approximately 4-5 year old blended Champagne

I'm sorry to admit I don't know much about this wine's provenance.  I haven't received much info from the importer and even though I've translated the winery's whole website, that can't make up for websites complete and utter lack of info in the first place.  This is a gorgeous, rich, powerful Champagne and well worth your time.

Here's what I do know:  Baudouin is a small grower producer intimately involved in farming his grapes and expressing his vineyards character.  This is completely different from all the big houses such as Veuve Cliquot which just buy all the grapes they can, from most anywhere, and are more driven by marketing than passion or sense of land. 

Grape: 100% Pinot Noir

I really enjoy this Champagne and think it's a fantastic value!  I think that due to being 100% Pinot Noir the wine is richer than I anticipate from Champagne.  It has some of the toast and dry edge that Champagne is famous for, but it's balanced by ripe citrus, hints of lemon, coconut, and pineapple.  The fruit even borders on slightly strawberry, although the wine has no color to it.  It really fills the palate and has a meaty texture that reminds me of the white fleshy center of a ripe strawberry. 

This is a far more expressive, characterful Champagne, as I would expect based on it coming from one small vineyard.  It has the crisp structure that drives Champagne, but it has more presence and really fills your mouth with a rich creamy quality that's far more enjoyable than the lean, aggressive big industrial houses. 

I've been too busy to show this around much; I've just been drinking it myself.  But I have managed to mention it to the Browne Trading and the Freeport Cheese and Wine shop, The Rosemont Markets, Aurora Provisions, as well as the Blue Hill Wine Shop and Vic and Whit's.  They retail this for about $42!  I garauntee that a bottle will improve your day.


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