Henry Varnay and Grilled Cheese; a perfect Autumn Food Pairing!
Piantate Lunghe Rosso Conero

Comelli Soffumbergo 2008

This is one of the new wines that I'm getting from my friend Warren and his new company: Peter Warren Selections.  This red blend comes from a very small family vineyard in Friuli; a small area in the north east of Italy, near the border with Slovenia.  Friuli is primarily known for their lovely aromatic white wines, but they produce some exciting high elevation reds as well. 

Grapes: Refosco, Pignolo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

This has a really interesting aroma that's really smoky with out really being gamey.  It's a sort of dark, elegant, smoky/earthy aroma; very warming and comforting.  I pick up some ceder, bacon fat, blackcherry, cigar box, and definitely some aromatic fresh ground coffee. 

On the palate this is so sleek and refined in texture, but delicious that it's hard not to polish the glass right off!  The fruit is bright and has fresh acidity.  It's a lush, layered, dark cherry flavor with underlying baking spice and cassis.  The fruit is intense and the acidity and tannin hold it together well, but it's not an aggressive wine.  The texture is oh so smooth, almost velvety, and suave.  Medium bodied and an excellent autumn wine! It's a really unique blend of the intensity of Cabernet with the foresty/smokiness of Refosco and some of the lushness of Merlot!

ok, now that that's done I can finally just drink this!


Available at the Rosemont Market on Munjoy Hill, the Freeport Cheese and Wine Shop and Trattoria Athena in Brunswick


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