Devenish Email Newsletter 9.21.11
Comelli Soffumbergo 2008

Henry Varnay and Grilled Cheese; a perfect Autumn Food Pairing!

This morning I was talking to Brendon about the wines in an upcoming tasting and he asked me what food I would pair with the Henry Varney sparkling wine.  I thought for a second and then it just hit me: grilled cheese sandwitch with fresh apple!  We talked about it and it sounded so good in my head that I resolved to have this meal for myself that very evening.  I picked up some local bread, a fresh Maine Macintosh, a wedge of Comte cows milk cheese, and a bottle of the Varnay and got to work.


It was such an easy, simple meal to prepare, but so good!  I did the sandwiches in a cast iron skillet on low heat to give the cheese time to melt with out burning the honey that I added.  That's right, I added raw honey to the sandwiches as well.  It was a killer combo.  Though simple; the combination of toasted bread, melted cheese, fresh sweet apple, and aromatic honey was fantastic.  And the Henry Varnay was a perfect complement. 


The Varnay is made from Ugni Blanc grapes in the central Loire.  It's a smooth and slightly toasty sparkling wine with some nice ripe apple flavors up front and a clean, rich finish.  The flavors are integrated and it drinks like a much nicer wine than $12.  I think it's rare to find a really complete, enjoyable sparkling wine like this for these prices.  The medium effervescence and easy ripe apple flavors were a perfect complement to the grilled cheese sandwich. 


You can grab yourself a bottle of Varnay for about $12 at any of the Rosemonts, The Oh No cafe, Bow St Market, and Provisions in Freeport.  The Comte, local apples, and bread are pretty easy to come by; most any cheese shop will have these. 



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