Bebame Cabernet Franc/Gamay Noir 2010
Franck Givaudin Irancy 2009

Domaine Espieres Cotes du Rhone 2010


Philippe Cartoux founded Domaine Espieres in 1989 when he started buying some small parcels of vines in his home town of Gigondas. He's a big believer in organic farming an putting in a lot of work in the vineyard so that he has top quality grapes to start from. To that end his vineyards are planted at unusually high densities; almost twice the average number of vines per acre in the Cotes du Rhone in order to drastically limit yields. His cotes du Rhone includes a large proportion of Mouvedre (20ish %) which gives the wine a deep, dark, slightly wild character while still preserving it's refined character. It's a very cleanly made, well mannered, beastly powerhouse of a wine. I really enjoy it's duel personality!

Aroma: ripe cherry, currant, fur, a hint of wood smoke, a hint of leather and cinnamon.

Palate: dark, spicy, peppery. It has a fresh vivid quality to the fruit that lingers on. There's a dense plum/roasted cherry character complemented by a dry, slightly salty, earth and persistent tannins on the finish.


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Bob Rossi

So Ned, where can I find this?

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