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Franck Givaudin Irancy 2009

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Franck Givaudin is the 5th generation of his family to run this vineyard.  Irancy is a small sheltered valley up near Chablis in northern Burgundy where it's normally too cold for Pinot; however the particular geography here lends itself to Pinot production.  All the grapes from Franck Givaudin's estate are hand harvested and fermented with natural yeast.


This has the bright vibrant red Burgundy nose that I expect, but it's riper and more developed than it would typically be due to the unusual ripeness of the 2009 vintage.  Under the violets, ripe cherry and raspberry there's a smoky, edge that's really more char; kind of a charcoal actually.  I pick up a hint of bramble too.  To really get wine geeky and let myself go I'd say it's like lying under a raspberry bush on a hot august day in the sun.  The intense ripeness evokes that intense sun and the smoke and earth aromas make me think of the sun baked grasses and bush....regardless of how geeky you are this is a ripe, well developed red Burgundy.


The developed fruit and unusual ripeness continues on the palate with a real pronounced fresh strawberry.  Really, this is very much like eating a really ripe strawberry; maybe there were a few blackberries in that handful too.  It's not just fruit though.  It's structured with a slightly noticeable drying of tannins on the finish and a dark mid-palate that builds in intensity in a deceptive way given the wine's bright aroma.

This is a great, characterful red Burgundy from a little seen, exciting AOC.  It's about $20 retail and currently is available at the Rosemont market up on Munjoy hill and the Blue Hill Wine Shop.  If you like vivid red burgundies I strongly recommend this.


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