Thanksgiving Wine Treatise
Moretti Omero Terre di Giano 2010

Joseph Cattin Pinot Blanc


Joseph Cattin is a is a family winery in Alsace, FR, that has been involved in wine making for three centuries.  Their vineyards in Alsace benefit from the general climate, which is hot, continental and sheltered by the Vosges mountains which create one of the driest climates in France.  They also benefit from having particularly high amounts of granite, limestone, and gravel throughout there vineyards.  The soils are farmed traditionally and all the grapes ar harvested by hand. 

I'm really enamoured with this wine right now.  It's one of the best Pinot Blancs that I've had.  It's been a lot of fun sampling this to my customers and surprising them with how bright and entertaining it is! 

Aroma: The first aroma I pick up is white flowers.  It's a pretty (in both ways) floral white wine that also has hints of citrus fruit, fresh grass, and peach fruit as well.  It's a nice mix of aromas.

Palate:  Cattin is supposed to have more limestone and gravel in the vineyards and this certainly tastes like it.  There is surprisingly bright, engaging, fresh acidity and mentality on the mid-palate, but that acidity is perfectly integrated with the lush, mouth filling fruit of the wine.  I really love this combination of Pinot Blanc's typical mouth filling texture with refreshing acidity.  This wine opens up as it warms and starts to show more layers with hints of stone fruit. 

My over all reaction is that I really enjoy this.  Plus it's a very adaptable food wine.  The full body plus teh freshness of the wine allow it to stand alone or work with appetizers, white fish, and poultry such as turkey (hint, hint)  This is under $15 retail and is available at The Freeport Cheese and Wine Shop, Whole Foods, the Rosemont Markets, Downeast Beverage, Scratch Bakery, and Oak Hill Beverage.



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