Midsummer Cellars Grenache Rose 2011
Domaine Grisy Bourgogne Rouge 2009

Domaine Chardon Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Domaine Chardon is run by, guess who: the Chardon family!  They're located a ways down the Loire from Sancerre, nearer to Vouvray.  Touraine is a big region with a lot of varitation, but this Sauvignon Blanc is really something special.  It's the first vintage I've had from Chardon so I don't really know what the winery's track record is, but this vintage at least is fantastic. 


I saw their vineyard when I went over and visited the Chardons and it has lots of silex flint and tuffeau white limestone in the soil.  This seems to shine through in the wine in the form of brightly vivid acidity as well as aromas of lemon zest, hints of kiwi, fresh mint, and some pineapple.  The aroma is really engaging and intense; makes me think of a fresh verdant spring garden.

As I drink this I'm impressed by it's depth of flavors that all work together.  It has that really bright, high pitched, vibrant acidity, citrus, and minerality up front.  It's fun and playful tasting.  But behind/underneath it has a deep rich texture that fills your mouth and helps the flavors hang on and linger.  It's a very fun refreshing wine up front, but it has depths that you don't notice at first; it will work well with a lot of food.

This is probably the best Loire Sauvignon Blanc I've had in a few months.  Maybe I'm not drinking enough really high end Sancerre, but regardless, this blows every other Loire Sauv Blanc I've had out of the water.  It's under $15 retail.  you can get it at the Rosemonts, Browne Trading, Aurora Provisions, Freeport Cheese and Wine Shop, Provisions in South Freeport, Bandaloop, Oak Hill Beverage, and the Blue Hill Wine Shop!



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