Domaine Chardon Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2010
Domaine la Suffrene Bandol Rose 2011

Domaine Grisy Bourgogne Rouge 2009

Domaine Grisy is a well made value wine from a slightly overlooked corner of a great wine region.  It's wines like this that punch above their weight (or drink above their price as it were) that Devenish wines is built on and loves to search out. 


Domaine Grisy is a 18th generation family winery at the northern edge of Burgundy and just south of Chablis.  This is Chardonnay territory due to the cooler temps and chalky soil; however Grisy has south facing slopes that get a bit extra sun.  Pinot Noir does well for them, particularly in special vintages such as this: 2009.  Even in normal vintages Grisy makes really nice Pinot that's racy, fresh, and shows of the chalk and limestone in the soil.  2009 was hotter than normal though and the wine is correspondingly riper and more developed.

Aroma: The aroma is a mix heady roses and ripe berries with undertones of cooked cherries and a hint of char/charcoal.  It's very inviting but has a dark concentrated quality lurking.

Taste: I get a lot of dark concentrated berry; cherries, black raspberry, and cranberry jam.  There's a vivid dark raspberry to the finish and just the barest hint of gamy barnyard on the mid palate giving the wine an added dimension.  The acidity is bright and refreshing, but it's behind that lush, supple fruit and isn't immediately apparent. 

This is a really well integrated, supple, red Burgundy for $18 or so.  It's smooth and calm but also bright.  I think this is an excellent hot weather wine thanks to it's deft touch and lighter body.  Throw this in the fridge for half an hour and it'll be perfect!  It's available at the Rosemonts, Whole Foods, The Meat House, and Black Cherry Provisions.


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