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Lunch at Bresca!


Starting on Wednesday the 9th Bresca started serving lunch!  And yes it is just as beautiful and creative as their dinner menu!  Krista is making the switch to only doing dinner service on Friday and Saturday nights, but serving lunch Wednesday through Saturday.


The menu was smaller and more casual feeling.  I think it will be evolving as Krista eases into lunch and gets more comfortable with the rhythm of it.  I sat at the bar and started with the steak tartare sandwich on a house made brioche bun.  The tartare was pretty traditionally prepared: delicate texture, cool, capers mixed in, but with a fried egg on top instead of egg mixed in.  The warm brioche did a great job of soaking up and holding onto the slightly runny egg and soft tartare. 

I intended to take a picture of the tartare sandwich, but it was so damn good I just ate it in one go! 

A little spinach salad and some cornichons came along with the tartare sandwich and it was a filling full lunch on it's own.  I, however, have an appetite and the menu was so exciting looking that I decided to order the veal meatball sub to follow it up.

The sub was huge; rich, gooey, dripping with ricotta and stewed tomatoes.  The meatballs were only lightly spiced to show off the excellent elegant flavor of the meat.  By the time I'd finished that I was vaguely uncomfortably full and felt like a nap.  Best of all the menu seems really well priced.  $12 for a huge and delicious meatball sub consumed relaxing at Bresca seemed like a steal!

I definitely recommend stopping by for a relaxing lunch.  It made my wednesday so much better!


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"By the time I'd finished that I was vaguely uncomfortably full and felt like a nap."
What a surprise, Ned, after a steak tartare sandwich, a salad, and a huge sub!

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