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General Wine Geekery #3

Domaine Laguille Gros Manseng demi sec 2011

Laguille Gros Manseng is one of the more exciting, unusual, and under-appreciated wines in the Devenish stable.  We have tons of wines that I think are under-appreciated, but the Laguille is so delicious and fun and surprising that I feel particularly bad that more people aren't familiar with it.  Laguille is a family winery located in Bas Armagnac Gascony.  Armagnac is famous for it's spirits made from distilled wine and the Laguille family does plenty of distilling, but they make wine as well, both for distilling and for general consumption.

Gros Manseng

Disclaimer: The Laguille Gros Manseng isn't easily classifiable; it's not dry, but it's also not too sweet (to my taste).  The Gros Manseng also has a nice spice to it that reminds me of the spice of Riesling or Gewurz.  The Laguille has residual sugar, but the sugar doesn't define it.  It still has fresh acidity and the finish isn't sweet-the sweetness doesn't linger.

Varietal: 100% Gros Manseng


Intense ripe fruit.  Lots of fresh peach, golden raisin, some hay, serious ripe pineapple, and slight fresh spring honey.


Pineapple! Honey, mango, bright fruit at first, then the Gros Mansneg gets deeper and juicier, The tropical fruit is followed by a bit of spice and the peach lingers after the finish. The Laguille is a giving, lush, rich kind of wine; opulent and luscious come to mind. It kind of blows up your mid palate with all that fruit and spice, then fades in a nice clean bright way.  This Gros Manseng is very lively with bright acidity inter-wound throughout it. 

This is a great cheese for rich creamy cheeses, or to pair with a dessert fruit tart.  The awesome thing though is that this Gros Manseng pairs really well with rich greasy food!  The sweetness is a good counterpart to salty and the spice and acidity cut through the fat.  So the Laguille is fantastic with cheeseburgers, reubens, braised short ribs, buffalo wings, or even spicy chinese foods!  It's a lot of fun and available for about $13 at Aurora Provisions, Rosemont in Yarmouth, Rosemont on Munjoy Hill, The Bier Cellar, and Local in Brunswick.


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