Pairing Food and Wine (Specifically Muscadet and Mussels)
General Wine Geekery #7 Petit Jo

How to get a Great Bottle of Wine every time! General Wine Geekery 6


As a professional Wine Geek I constantly get asked "How do I pick out good wines that don't taste like Mike n' Ikes left in a car in August?"  Looking for my little purple Devenish sticker on the back of the bottles or reading my blog (wines;tasted on Typepad) is a pretty good way, but while you will get good wines you won't get wines that are precisely chosen for you.  That's a problem if you unwittingly pick up a good pizza wine but are having mussels and it makes the mussels taste like mud.  Luckily there is a trick to always getting the right wine!  It's not a crazy new app, nor is it a personal wine steward (although that would be really cool).  The trick to always getting the right wine is simple: shop at a store with a good wine selection and a staff that will recommend wines based on what you like!

Getting great wines is easy if you go to a shop with knowledgeable staff and talk to them.  Don't be intimidated by asking about wine; wine retail jobs aren't exactly high paying so most staff are there because they want to be and enjoy talking about it!  There are plenty of good wine stores around Portland: Aurora Provisions, Oh No, Rosemont, Bier Cellar, Browne Trading, Old Port Wine, Downeast Bev, RSVP, and Whole Foods are just some of them.  Once you start going to a shop and giving the staff feedback about their recommendations they'll be able to make more accurate recommendations; they'll also turn you on to wines that you wouldn't have found otherwise. 

The number one concern I hear in response to my advice is that shops like that are more expensive.  In fact most small shops are very conscious of that image and try to sell their wines at lower margins in order to compete with the big super markets.  Shops that take wine seriously pride themselves on having better selection and better values, otherwise why would anyone shop there?  So you can always just tell the staff what your budget is and the staff will recommend the best wine at that price.   

I would argue that you actually get a better wine value shopping at a serious wine store.  Look at it this way: you can go to a big grocery store and pick up a generic $9.99 bottle of wine, but it may taste like microwaved fruit roll-ups.  If you're buying wine with no idea what it will taste like it's your own fault if you get microwaved fruit roll-ups.  Buying wine based on a knowledgeable person's recommendations will drastically increase your enjoyment and reduce the possibility that you're wasting your money on microwaved fruit roll-up wine and you'll have more fun learning about wine!


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This is great! I would also add Trader Joe's to the list, though, since they are exceptionally helpful and the wines there are really excellent for the price-- my favorite is a La Finca Malbec for $4 a bottle.

Edger De Fnif-Fne

As a fruit roll-up aficionado I give you kudos on knowing the quickest, most efficient to enjoy a wonderful warm treat on a cold winters day. If you know of where I may fine this fine wine that is palatable to my favorite fruit treat please let me know.

Ned Swain

You are quite right Sodding Wankers! Trader Joe's can be most helpful. And may I say that's an excellent handle!

Ned Swain

Edgar, i would reccomend the wines of Jumilla Spain or perhaps Zinfandel or Merlot from Lodi CA. Don't spend more than $12, $10 might actually be the bast price to shop at and don't settle for anything with less than 15% alcohol!

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