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Restaurant Piccolo

Domaine de Boede le Pavillon

Vintage: 2011

Varietal: 80% Cinsault, 20% Syrah


Domaine de Boede is a property in the la Clape AOP region of France's Languedoc.  Boede was for several generations owned by the Arnaud family until in 2006 their neighbor and the proprietor of Chateau Negly, Jean Paux-Rosset, convinced the Arnauds to sell to him.  Jean had replanted his vineyards and modernised the winery at Negly back in the early 90s and is now regarded as an example of the quality the Languedoc can achieve with lower yields and organic farming practices.  Le Pavillon is still made distinctly from the vineyards of the Domaine de Boede property.  The vines are approximately 25 years old and face the Mediterranean on slowly decomposing sandstone hillsides.

Aroma:  There's concentrated black cherry fruit but also an aromatic spice.  This wine definitely has the garrigue smell of wild rosemary and thyme going on.  The Boede really smells strongly like Mediterranean France, not just as a product of the climate, but it really smells like the place!  Currant and licorice are present there as well making the Boede's aroma darker and slightly more brooding seeming.  The aroma is pretty intense and interesting, I spent a lot of time just smelling it.  Interestingly the rich fruit and aromatic spice combine to make it smell almost like cola!

Palate: It's thick.  The Boede le Pavillon has this texture that I hesitate to call big, but it's kind of lush and coats the inside of my mouth.  There's a lot of black cherry fruit and then also some black raspberry and blueberry.  Lot's of berry fruit here along with a touch of the spice of wild herbs on the midpalate.  The piece that I really like is that it has more acidity than I expect from such a rich southern French wine.  The acidity makes it brighter and more lively seeming before the moderately dry finish comes in and rounds the wine out.

The Domaine de Boede is an interesting and different expression from Mediterranean France.  It's very honest tasting and expressive, just rustic enough, and with it's dark fruit and medium  body great for this season.  This is around $12.99 at the Rosemont Market, Aurora Provisions, Vic and Whit's, and Bow St Market.



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