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Pierre Frick Pinot Blanc

Pierre Frick's wines are all stunning.  Yeah, that's a big statement, but I've drunk a lot of them now and it's still holding true.  His Pinot Blanc doesn't rock that boat.  It does however rock the boat of your Alsatian expectations.  Frick is a proponent of natural wine making and so doesn't add anything to his wine.  That means no sugar. If anyone can be accused of being addicted to sugar it's Alsatian wine makers.  The Pierre Frick Pinot Blanc is listed as just 12.5%, but that's a totally natural 12.5%, not boosted by adding powdered sugar to the juice (extremely common).  In order to get to 12.5% naturally Frick has to leave his grapes on the vine longer and develop the sugar naturally.  Along with that sugar comes all kinds of amazing flavors.....


Frick's family adopted organic agriculture in 1970 and he moved to bioynamics in 1981.  He was the first adopter in Alsace and his wines became legendary.  Sadly they weren't imported to the US for most of the 2000s.  Now they're here.

Vintage: 2012

Aroma: Rich and developed, there's so much going on.  Off the cuff I can smell cooked lemon zest, dry hay, and fresh mango.  The aroma isn't super ripe, but it's complex and diverse. There are food aromas of toasted bread and hazelnut as well as white wild flowers and the floral quality of honey.  The aroma of this Pinot Blanc is so deliciously summery smelling that I want to devour it.    

Palate: The Frick Pinot blanc is rich and fills your mouth as you sip it, but then this core of zingy citrus hits and pulls it all together.  The finish is so long!  Frick's Pinot blanc isn't sweet at all, but it's expansive and has this deep golden fruit quality.  I'm convinced that something like 15% of the grapes must develop botrytis and that's where some of these lux honey flavors come from.  I even get some creme brulee flavors, but they fade as you get to the finish with all of it's singing minerality.  

Pierre Frick's Pinot Blanc is a hell of a lot of wine for the money ($19.99).  It's just as suited to cod and skate wing as it is to a pork chop.  Plus you know you're drinking a legendary hand made piece of wine making history.  It's available at Rosemont Market on Munjoy Hill, Rosemont on Brighton Ave, Bow St Market, Morning Glory Natural Foods, Jesse's Seafood in Rockland, Vic and Whit's in Saco, and the Old Port Wine Merchant.