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Devenish Thanksgiving Suggestions 2014

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday because it’s all about food, wine, family, and wine!  Wait!  I mean friends; food, wine, family, and friends! 


The center piece of Thanksgiving that all the celebration, giving of thanks, friends, and family revolves around is the meal.  With all the attention on the meal the wines had better be equally as delicious as the food.  I always say "good wine won't save a bad meal, but bad wine can ruin good food".   We've put together a list of some of our favorite wines that check all the boxes for Thanksgiving.  Look through and you're guaranteed to find something that fits your preferences.  We've listed approximate retail prices and tried to list as many shops that retail each that we could identify. 


Happy Thanksgiving!

  Famille Laurent Saint-Pourcain Rouge 2013

Famille Laurent Saint Pourçain 2013 Tradition (Pinot Noir/Gamay) $15

This wine has been on our Thanksgiving list since we got it and this Pinot/Gamay blend will continue to make appearances here because it’s fantastic.  The 2013 vintage is juicy with ripe cherry and raspberry but it also has some dark earthy character from the Gamay, excellent balance, and a soft refreshing finish.  This is such a rich compelling refreshing wine.  Available at the Rosemonts, Whole Foods, The Farm Stand, Bow St, Black Sheep, Local, RSVP, Vic and Whit's, Sawyer's Specialties, Blue Hill Wine Shop, Uncorked, Maine MEat, Rising Tide Natural Foods, Oakhill Beverage, Cheese Iron, Aurora Provisions, Oh No, Meridians, and too many other places to list.  It's that good.




Nicchia Lambrusco di Sorbara NV DOC $13

The NIcchia Lambrusco has fresh fun ripe berry fruit and just the right amount of effervescence to clean the grease of gravy off your palate or to stand up to sweet potatoes.  It’s a perfect “pair with everything” Thanksgiving wine.  This is the wine I send to family gatherings where there will be people that "don't like wine".  This always gets rave reviews.  Nicchia Lambrusco is available at Aurora Provisions, the Rosemonts Markets, Oh No, Local, Black Sheep, Vic and Whit's, Lois's Natural Foods, Maine MEat, New Morning Natural Foods, RSVP, Meridians, Bootlegger's, Oakhill Beverage, and Bow St.




Cornelissen Rosso del Contadino 2013 $27

Electric wild vivid wine that just lights up your mouth with flying acidity and an obsidian edge.  Somehow it creates the illusion of grittiness that expresses the volcanic rock and sand it’s hewn from.  So alive, compelling, and refreshing all at once.  Zero sulfur and as absolutely natural as wine can be. Avaliable at the Farm Stand, Flock and Vine, Sawyer's Specialties, Blue Hill Wine Shop, Lois's Natural Foods, the Rosemonts, Browne Trading, and The Bier Cellar.




Neudorf Riesling Moutere 2012 $23

Neudorf’s Riesling seems pretty, elegant, and polished, but there’s an underlying structure of acidity and a hint of sweetness that gives it a strength you don’t immediately notice because it’s so seamlessly integrated.  Neudorf was started by a young couple back in the 70's and at this point is one of the elder statesman of NZ wine.  Available at the Rosemonts on Munjoy Hill and Brighton Ave in Portland, Blue Hill Wine Shop, Browne Trading, Le Roux Kitchen, Bow St, and Now You're Cooking.




Domaine Chene Macon la Roche Vineuse 2013 $17

This is the best demonstration we have of why white Burgundy is so popular.  This affordable Chardonnay can multi task like Jack Dorsey.  It has playful ripe fruit, dancing acidity, relaxed texture and a mid palate minerality that grabs your palate.  It does it all and can handle whatever gustatory hedonism you throw at it.  You'll fine the Macon la Roche at Lois's Natural Marketplace, Uncorked Cheese and wine, Black Sheep, Maine Beer and Beverage, the Rosemonts, Weatherbird, Meridians, Bow St, and State St Wine Cellar.




Domaine Dubost Beaujolais Villages Tracot 2013 $17

Organic, wild fermented, and oh so perfectly poised and elegant!  Dubost's Beaujolais is delicious perfectly clear refreshing Beaujolais that marries the purity of good village wine with the ripeness of Morgon (where most of Jean Paul’s vineyards are).  Tracot's Beaujolais is for sale at Aurora Provisions, Blue Hill Wine Shop, The Farm Stand, and Neighborhood Health and Herb.



Domaine Lemonier, Vergisson Pouilly Fuisse 2012 $25

Excellent small vineyard family produced Pouilly Fuisse that’s lush, expansive, and vividly alive at the same time.  This is an outstanding price for really good compelling Pouilly Fuisse that's the perfect rich and delicious counterpart to an over the top Thanksgiving feast.   This Pouilly Fuisse is available at Sate St Wine Cellar, Flock and Vine, Tess's, Local, Blue Hill Wine Shop, Bootlegger's, Vic and Whit's, and Meridians.




Regnier David Cuvée de la Guichardiere Saumur Blanc 2010 $22

This Chenin Blanc comes from a 1 hectare organic vineyard planted with heritage Chenin cuttings from a legendary vineyard in Vouvray.  It’s wild fermented, aged 2 years on the lees in old oak casks, and only 225 cases were made.  This is incredibly deep sophisticated old school Chenin that just pushes all the right buttons. Regnier David Saumur is available at the Rosemont on Munjoy Hill, Sawyer's Specialties, Blue Hill Wine Shop, Meridians, Uncorked Wine and Cheese, Lois's Natural Foods, State St Wines, RSVP, Bow St, Aurora Provisions, Browne Trading, and Lily Lupine and Fern.


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