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Sui Generis is latin for "unique".  The Sui Generis series of wines are made by Martin Texier, son of the legendary natural wine maker Eric Texier.  The Anahi cuvee is made from 100% Marsanne, organically farmed, hand harvested, hand fermented, and with no sulfur used any where in the process.  Martin seems to make the Anahi as a demonstration and exploration of what can be accomplished in spite of using no sulfur to stabilize or preserve the wine. I highly recommend this in depth interview with Martin that gives a much better understanding of the double edged sword that sulfur is in wine making: Martin Texier Anahi.


Aroma: The Anahi has a beguiling aroma.  It's not leap out of the glass vivid and crisp like a modern Sauvignon Blanc, but it's got rich and interesting aromas of ripe pear, honey, baking apples, some fresh grass, and just a hint of pickled ginger.  Texier's Anahi, true to the Sui Generis name, has a very unique and engaging aroma.

Palate: Rich mouth feel.  Something in the Anahi's taste actually reminds me of the apple taste of Calvados.  The texture is rich and sits in the mouth.  There is a hint of gingery seeming spice to the finish; it's different and subtly adds an extra dimension to the wine.  The Anahi has a giving character to it and some how tastes full of sun.  The personality seems is deep, mellow, band relaxed.  Their isn't so much acidity, but the palate is very long, evolving, and there's a mineral salty quality on the finish that's delicious. 

The more I drink this the more I like it.  I drank it over 3 days and surprisingly it just got better and better.  Accepted wisdom is that natural wines fade quickly once their open, but with this wine Martin Texier sticks a cork screw right through that myth.  Martin Texier took a risk making this; it's a science experiment!  How can you not love a science experiment that's so passionate, so delicious, and so satisfying!  The Anahi retails for under $20 at Maine and Loire on Washington Ave.


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