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Caneva da Nani el vin col fondo

Caneva da Nani is a small 6 hectare operation up in the Valdobiaddene zone of Prosecco.  Valdobiaddene is the highest altitude part of Prosecco and is considered to make the most expressive wines in the broader Prosecco area.  Caneva da Nani is made by the Canello family in the village of Guia.  They work naturally and this is an old heritage style of Prosecco that used to be popular locally but went out of style.  The Col Fondo style is sparkling wine that finishes fermenting in the bottle and so still has it's natural yeast and sediment that gives it more depth.  Col Fondo translates literally as "with the bottom" meaning that the wine still has all the sediment and live yeast in the bottle.  This wine is named after the Canello family's older father who's nickname is Nani and a Caneva is a local term for a good shady place to drink wine. 


The Caneva da Nani is dangerously delicious to drink.

11% alcohol


Aroma: the Caneva da Nani has a really pretty inviting aroma of white rose, soft peach, and a bit of honey dew melon.  Beguiling is the perfect word for this.

Taste: mmm, this is really smooth.  The effervescence is finer than most Prosecco I've had.  the bubbles are very small and it's harsh at all.  The fruit is kind of soft ripe green apple, delicate ripe melon, and some soft not sweet peach.  The finish just slowly fades away leaving just a hint of the dry yeastiness.  This is delicious, fun, and so thirst quenching.  This is a great autumn sparkling wine.

The Caneva da Nani is just under $20 and is available at Aurora Provisions and Maine and Loire.


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