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Caneva da Nani el vin col fondo

Devenish Thanksgiving Wines 2015

The best holiday of the year (if you love food and wine) is upon us!  Here are some traditional and not so traditional ideas that we’re excited about.  We'll be posting more specific and in depth posts about these over the coming weeks but here's a preview of the wines we're excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with

Poco little

Poco a Poco Pinot Noir 2014 (approximately $28)

Luke Bass grew up in his family’s vineyard, Porter Bass, 9 miles from the ocean in Russian River.  His parents bought the estate abandoned, converted to biodynamics, and literally brought it back to life.  This Pinot Noir is ripe but also energetic and refreshing; the balance is some of the best I’ve seen from CA.  Available at Aurora Provisions, Vic and Whit's, Maine and Loire, Rosemont Yarmouth, and Local Market


Joseph Cattin Pinot Blanc 2013 (approximately $16)

Mouth watering Alsace 1-2 of crisp acidity and then ripe tropical-ish fruit and a hint of sweetness.  Great with turkey, pork, or meaty white fish.  Available at Bow St, Cumberland Food Stop, Tess Market, State Street in Bangor, and Bootlegger's in Topsham.

Saint Pourcain

Famille Laurent Saint Pourçain Tradition Pinot Noir/Gamay 2014 (approximately $15)

This is an old favorite and such a great value.  Elegant texture, juicy, gamey, and lively all at once.  Available at Weatherbird, Rayr, the Rosemonts, Market Basket, Oak Hill Beverage, the Farm Stand, Black Sheep Wine, the Cheese Iron, Maine Beer and Bev, Black Tie, Bow St, State Street Wines, RSVP, Jess's, and Whole Foods.


4 Kilos "motor américa" 2014 (approximately $25)

100% Callet made with zero sulfur on the island of Mallorca in the Med.  That’s not why you should care though.  You should care about this because it’s the most delicious thing I’ve drunk in months.  Texture like a cote de Beaune, but with more mineral saltiness and dry dusty character.  Lighter in body, but mouth watering.

Vegas altas

Cerro La Barca Vegas Altas Tempranillo Tinto 2014 (approximately $15)

Fun, bright, exuberant, sunny medium bodied Tempranillo.  This has just the right amount of pepper and slight tannin to work with turkey, gravy, stuffing, but also not so much that it would overwhelm roast vegetables.  Available at Maine and Loire, Meridians, Maine Meat, Rayr, the Cheese Iron, Bow St, New Morning, and Store Ampersand.

Caneva da Nani

Caneva da Nani el vin col fondo Pet Nat (approximately $18)

Pet Nats have blown up in the past year with coverage in the NY Times, Gourmet, Food and Wine, etc.  This pet nat wine from the Prosecco region is refreshing, fun, zippy, alive: all the things that Pet Nats are famous for.  

Mediacapa small

Marenas Mediacapa (approximately $20)

This is zero sulfur skin fermented dry Pedro Ximenez.  It’s relaxed in character and very smooth, but also in it’s way very robust.  The acidity isn’t strong with this one, but there is so much flavor, texture, and mouthfeel that you can drink this with all kinds of strongly flavored foods and not worry about the wine conflicting.  Available at Rosemont, Miane and Loire, the Cheese Iron, and Lois's Natural Foods.

Bel air

Domaine de Bel Air Bourgueil 2012 (approximately $16)

It’s hard to pick just one Cabernet Franc to feature for Thanksgiving.  Pretty much any one of our Loire Cab Francs would be great, but the Bel Air is a more developed and dense expression that has some good age on it at this point.  Available at Rosemont, State street Wines, New Morning, and RSVP.


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