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Arrival in Sicily

Running Across Sicily

A big part of our job as wine wholesalers that represent small wineries around the world is being able to pass on the stories of the families and individuals that make our wines.  Devenish focuses on wines that are special because of the people that have poured their energy and passion into them, and because the wines honestly taste like the environments where the grapes were grown.  The story and the context are very important, but the wine makers aren't here themselves to pass that info on.  That's where Devenish comes in.  

Sicily Running Route

Above is my tentatively planned route for Sicily

I can't think of a better way to really get to know the land and smells and how the sunshine of a place feels than just really being in it and immersing myself in it.  So that's why I'm going to run across Sicily next month.  In the space of 8 days, starting on February 20th, I'm going to run approximately 400 kilometers in a loop up and down Sicily's east coast and around Mount Etna.  I ought to know the topography well after stumbling up mountains!  And gasping as I climb hills ought to really make me appreciate Sicily's air.  I'll be starting by visiting Frank Cornelissen and Passopisciaro up on the north slope of Etna, and then making a long southern leg down to visit Arianna Occhipinti in Vittoria down south. 

I'll be describing all the things I see and learn and posting pictures here on this blog, on the Devenish Wines instagram, and on the Devenish Wines Facebook page.

Arianna Occhipinti

A picture of Arianna Occhipinti from Rachel Signer and Louis Dressner


Here's a picture of Frank looking out over some of his vineyards.



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