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Grand Rouviere Rose 2015

This is always one of my favorite go to summer Rose's!  Devenish has carried this, I think it's 6 years now!  Rouviere is made by the Leydiere family on their estate that actually borders the Bandol appellation in Provence.  They use organic agriculture and harvest over night to get the grapes into the winery at the coolest temperatures possible which helps preserve the aromatics. 


Aroma: And what aromatics it has!  This is a really fresh pretty mix of floral smells with a little hint of that wild herbal Provence smell that these wines are famous for.  I smell roses as well as orange sorbet, some pink grapefruit, and that bit of taragon and thyme.   

palate: One the palate there's lip smacking acidity balanced by delicious light strawberry, clementine (particularly on this finish) and a soft not in your face kind of pink grapefruit.  The Rouviere also has a salty mineraly hint of brine on the mid-palate that you pick up on after all the fruit.  It helps make the wine come across as juicy and sunny and bottom line tastes like Mediterranean sun.  So go get some already!  Summer is finally here and rose season is upon us!


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