Grand Rouviere Rose 2015
Pierre Olivier Bonhomme Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

Agnes and Rene Mosse Magic of Juju


Agnes and Rene Mosse started out owning a wine bar in Tours but eventually decided to sell it and try to become wine makers.  Their professors at the local wine making program were legends like Thierry Puzelat and Christian Chaussard so they had a good foundation.  They bought a 20 acre domaine in 1999 from a retiring wine maker who had no heirs to take it over and immediately set about de-chemicalizing and revitalizing the land.  Over the years since, their drive and passion and attention to detail have brought them international attention and a reputation as some of the best natural wine makers in the central Loire, particularly of Chenin.  This is wine that really has a lot of love and hard work in it.  They’re a touchstone wine producer in the Loire and Devenish is so lucky to finally have these wines.

Aroma: there's so much here!  The Magic of Juju has a lot going on and smells like baking food and fresh fruit all at once.  I can smell sweet baked treats like macaroons, but there's also definitely.  I just don't know how the Mosses did this with Pineau de la Loire aka Muscadet.  It smells like the sweetest most delicious ripe white grapefruit ever.  Wait, now it smells like aromatic white flowers; there's so much happening here and it's so layered.  The magic of Juju is just insane and I'm kicking myself for not having bought more of it.  Sadly (or happily for them) the winery has sold out so that's it for this year.

Palate: So rich and lush, but it's not fat.  The Magic of Juju doesn't have to much glycerin or seem oily at all, and I'm not even drinking it as cold as it should be.  There's a hint of sweetness but the wine leads with more of a fresh delicious minerality.  There's even a prickliness from the acidity that gives the Magic of Juju an even more dynamic tension.

Really sadly, I only got 5 cases and 3 six packs of magnums.  I should have bought more, but now I've learned my lesson.  If you want to try to grab some Mosse Magic of Juju in Maine before it's gone try visiting Maine and Loire, the Blue Hill Wine Shop, Sawyer's Specialties, or Hugo's.


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