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January 2017

La Stoppa Macchiona


This wine, the Macchiona, was so good when I drank it the other night that at first I wasn't going to write about it.  I posted a picture on instagram and said good enough.  But I didn't finish the bottle that night and when I tried it again the following night the Macchiona had gotten even better.  

So here we are.  The Macchiona blew my mind.  It's equal parts Barbera and Bonarda, from La Stoppa's best 65 year old vines, wild fermented and unfiltered.  

There's an old experienced knowing quality to this wine that I think comes from the slight oxidated hint it's developed over 10 years of life as well as it's powerful tannins that have somewhat subsided by now.  But you can taste that!  You can taste the now kind of approachable tannins and taste that 5 years ago this would have been an angry bear of a wine.  Now, in it's maturity it is so deep and has a deliberate pace to the drinking experience partially thanks to it's 15% alcohol and extreme ripeness of the grapes.

This, the Macchiona, is an Ian Mckellen of a wine.  It has a range of experience and depth that can't help but be intimidating, but it's still fun and vibrant!  Some how the wine (and the actor) seem to be able to do it all, play every part.  I just don't even know how to describe how good and impressive this wine was; how it manages to seamlessly be a thick woodsey 15% rustic red that's velvet smooth and contemplative, while also energetic and vivid.  

Maine and Loire may have a few bottles left.  I'm drinking the other two I have left in the warehouse.


Definitely not filtered before bottling!  Good thing I have my mustache to filter all that!