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Clos Massotte Vie

Clos Massotte is a small 8 ha winery in the Roussillon, up against the Pyrenees and very close to the Spanish border.  Pierre Nicolas took over his family domaine in 2004 and started converting to natural farming and fermenting.  He describes it as having been an unintended journey of personal discovery!  


60% Syrah and 40% Cinsault

Aroma: mmmmm wild, furry, a bit spicy.  There's lots of black raspberry/blackberry here.  It also smells spicy; a bit like hemlock or wet wool.  I quite like it.  It smells alive and wild and exciting.  It smells like somewhere I want to be: somewhere real with manual labor and a bit dirty but also an amazing view and a nice breeze.

Palate: dark and juicy, pretty smooth and restrained tannins.  medium bodied-dark fruit but lively and dancing acidity.  This is a fun slightly boney wine.  It's not soo lush and not so big.  It's alive with all kinds of ripe and dry end of summer flavors but still so much verve.  so so delicious!

This is one of my favorite really wild tasting wines.  When you drink it, it's obviously wild, but it's very fun and thirst quenching and satisfying!

Friday I'm off to run and drive across Italy!

The big news is that on this loosly planned solo adventure through Italy I'm taking a couple video cameras! So check back to the Devenish YouTube channel, Facebook,, and this blog to follow along and see what I discover on this adventure.



The 124 Spider

I'll be picking up a Fiat 124 Spider in Rome and then driving up through Lazio and Umbria to meet up with Wild Wine Guru Danilo Marcucci at his place by Lake Trasimeno. 


Danilo talking about the first time he had the natural wines of Collecapretta and how it galvanized him to make natural wine himself.

2017-03-31 04.44.44

I'm planning a 50+ K run south to Montefalco to see the Moretti Omero winery, maybe make a guest appearance on an Italian cooking show for Montefalco's pasta festival, and then run back up through Umbria to spend some more time with Danilo.  I'll do a bit more dynamic driving with the 124 Spider in the mountains and then head back to Rome and try not to miss my flight home.


It seems like every time I go on one of these running adventures through Italy I have some kind of injury that makes journey running seem like a bad idea.  First time I had recently broken my ankle.  This past spring I just hadn't been running much, and now this time I have a bum left knee.  So the only running I've done this summer to prepare have been a 5 mile road race, a 10K road race, and now the 5K at the Common Ground Country Fair.  Oh well, I'm sure it'll be fine.

Luigi Giordano Langhe Nebbiolo

IMG_20170918_202741 (2)

Vintage 2015

Luigi Giordano is a 4th generation family winery in Barbaesco, Piedmont, up in northern Italy.  Giovanni Giordano founded the vineyard in the 1930's, but then it was his son Luigi Giordano who built his own winery in the early 60's.  At this point they have old vine vineyards through some of the great Crus of Barbaresco including Asili, Montestefano, and Cavanna.  This Langhe Rosso is made from a selection of grapes that are hand harvested and sorted in the vineyards, the wine has an 8-10 day maceration and then after racking it spends 3-4 months in neutral oak casks.

Aroma: At first it was more floral and particularly rose smelling when I opened it, but now that I've had the Luigi Giordano open for a while it's opened up into more fruit.   It's such beautiful cherry, raspberry, and a bit of black cherry too.  There's just a hint of dark woodsiness lurking in the back ground.


Taste: On the palate the Giordano Langhe is salty and juicy.  There's ripe (but not over ripe) cherry and raspberry which are the basis of the taste but then behind the mid palate there's this awesome tasty saltiness.  The tannins are there....but they're totally in balance.  It's so clean and balanced!  I wouldn't call it thirst quenching but it's so beautiful and accessible that it's very easy to drink, seductive, Bach sonatas. 

This wine is so pure and beautiful, the flavors are so clear and harmonious, it makes me think of the purity and beauty of a perfect June sunrise in Maine when the light is perfect, there's no humidity, and the temperature is exactly right.


This will be under $20 retail and it's a steal at that price.