Why did I go to Umbria? Was it a vacation? Was it work?
Tiberi Musticco

2017 Autumn Wines

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Our Top Priority Drinking List For Autumn!

We've picked up new importers, Ned went adventuring in Italy, and we've been inundated with new wines! Here's the list of what we really don't want you to miss out on in our expanding book.

Also, as you may notice up there we have a new logo. I wanted something that more accurately referenced that we focus on wines that particularly taste like the place that created them. So yeah, Devenish Wines Taste Like Dirt.


Koehler Ruprecht Pinot Blanc (Weissburgunder) Kabinett Trocken About $20 Retail
Link to Website

Koehler Ruprecht is an old school star in the Pfalz that has worked without herbicides or fertilizers forever.  The 2015 vintage is a steal!  The vintage was big and warm, and Koehler just did everything right with these ripe grapes to create a completely dry but oh so lush wine.  The Weissburgunder is ripe and overflowing the glass with tropical fruit but there’s proportional minerality and acidity!  This white is so dynamic and just rocking up on the tips of it’s toes it’s so full of energy.


Vieille Julienne Cotes du Rhone "Lieu-dit Clavin" 2014  About $30 retail

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Well, damn.  Vieille Julienne.  Jean-Paul Daumen’s family has owned this land since 1905.  He’s gotten 100 points from Robert Parker not 1, not 2, but 3 times.  Usually I don’t go in for that kind of wine, but...I was really impressed.  This really tastes like the southern Rhone and in a beautiful way.  You’d never imagine that hot, sun baked rocks and scraggly wind desiccated bushes of rosemary could taste so good!  This is such concentrated bit spicy gnarly warming but balanced and deep reflective Grenache.


Perrini Negroamaro 2016  About $16 Retail

Link to Website

Perrini is an excellent organic family winery in Puglia, the heel of the Italian boot.  Negroamaro means dark and bitter and this is a great example.  It’s medium bodied and has lovely cherry, apricot, blood orange, and fig flavors followed by eastern baking spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves.


Conestabile della Staffa il Rosso 2016  About $20 Retail

Link to Webstie

Danilo has spent 20 years searching out elderly farmers to re-learn winemaking techniques from 100 years ago.  This just hit America and there are only 50 cases.  It’s Sangiovese with Sagrantino and Grenache aged in super old barrels.  This is deep, meaty, bloody, with densely packed juicy cherry fruit.  The wine is thirst quenching thanks to Danilo’s obsessive focus on clean precise winemaking, but it’s a chewy meaty mouth full of flavor.  This is a ridiculous price for this kind of wine.


Peppucci Grecchetto di Todi About $15 Retail
Link to Website

Filippo Peppucci’s family winery is in central Umbria adjacent to Montefalco, but out in the hills of Todi.  They have a beautiful west facing hill top planted to local varieties and he takes particular pride in his Grecchetto.  Filippo’s Grecchetto is lush riper, but mouth watering with salty minerality that follows on the heels of the ripe citrus fruit.  The medium body and long lingering minerality would be great with meatier white fishes.



Alpamanta Cabernet Franc Mendoza 2003
Just over $30 Retail
Link to Website

Andrej Razumovsky founded the winery 13 years ago on the far outskirts of Lujan de Cuyo, where the roads sometimes aren’t even passable.  Driven by a dedication to farm biodynamically and as sustainably as possible Andrej is making wines that are true to the dry, warm, sunny Argentine climate, but with impressive balance and complexity.  This has the some of that peppery spice hallmark of Cabernet Franc balanced by sleek elegant dark fruit and polished tannic structure.


Suelo Farmers R.L.R. Vineyard Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2015  About $28 Retail

Link to Website

Matt and Eric have worked at a range of other wineries including Flowers and Cristom where they were heavily involved in converting to biodynamic farming and seeing the benefits of using natural yeast.  This is the result of all that practice and work over the years.  This comes from an organic vineyard in Sonoma.


Nicolas Reau Anjou Rouge "Enlevement Demande" 

About $27 Retail
Link to Website

Nicolas took an unusual route to winemaking, starting his professional life as a concert pianist.  One day he noticed an ad for a professional degree in winemaking and decided to make the leap!  In 98 he bought a 56 acre domaine, and then sold off 46 of those acres, only keeping the best old vines in a particular clos.  This is delicious mouth watering Cabernet Franc that’s ripe, peppery, juicy, and has just the right amount of acidity to be vibrant and lovely.  Farmed organically and made with very low intervention.


Kiko Calvo Bigardo Toro 2016 About $21 Retail

Link to Website

Kiko Calvo grew up in Toro but then worked all over the world to get his winemaking chops before coming back to work his family’s vineyard.  This handmade organic Tinto de Toro is full of dark juicy fruit balanced with dry meaty structure that you can sink your teeth into.  The acidity is just right and keeps this wine from being too dry.  This is a lovely sunny piece of Spain in a bottle!


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