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Thanksgiving Wines 2017

Every year Thanksgiving some how sneaks up on me.  I always think it won't happen this time, and then it does. But here we are now with the sun setting around 4 and just 4 days until Thanksgiving!   As many of you know, Thanksgiving is pretty much my favorite holiday, what with the focus on food, wine, and celebrating with friends.   So I wanted to share some of the wines I'm excited to drink.  These are different kind of off the beaten path wines that I've tasted in the past few months and thought "Ah ha!  This would be killer at Thanksgiving" 


Glicine Barbaresco

You're probably asking "Has Ned gone crazy?  All those broken cars have gotten to his head"  No, I really am recommending Barbaresco for Thanksgiving.  The Glicine is an integrated traditional Barbaresco; all tar and roses with lovely floral aromatics and that jazz.  Seriously, this is a beautiful Nebbiolo with integrated mature tannins that will work with Turkey, gravy, and all those supporting actors.  The Glicine Barbaresco is around $36 retail and available at Browne Trading, The Blue Hill Wine Shop, Cumberland Food Stop, and Sawyers Specialties in South West Harbor.


Conestabile Della Staffa Rosso Conestabile

This is made by Danilo, the guy I went and visited in Italy last month.  Danilo makes wine using no modern technology; believe me, I helped him and it's a lot of manual labor.  His 400 year old stone barn doesn't even have heat or A/C, but the wines are brilliant.  Particularly this wine is brilliant!  This is a lovely thirst quenching red made from Sangiovese, but Danilo makes this from Sangiovese that he's learned from experience have less tannin to the grapes they produce and fresher juicy characteristics.  The Conestabile is a fun lively medium bodied red that is so refreshing and uplifting that I seem to always want another mouth full.  Those are perfect qualities to go with the gamey flavors of turkey, gravy, and potatoes.  This is about $21 and available at Maine and Loire, The Rosemont Markets, Blue Hill Wine Shop, the Brooklin General Store, Vic and Whit's, Maine St Meats, The Farm Stand, Meridians, Tess's Market, Local Market, Treats, and New Morning Natural Foods in Kennebunk.


Arianna Occhipinti SP68 Rosso

This may not be too big a surprise, everyone already knows Arianna's wines are killer, but they're hard to get and they're really legitimately brilliant.  This Nero and Frapatto blend is really actually the perfect weight for Thanksgiving.  It's bright and juicy, medium bodied from the ripe fruit, but the tannins aren't rough.  Overall, this is actually sort of like a ripe fruit driven Oregon Pinot Noir.  The SP68 Rosso is about $25 and available at RSVP, Sawyer's Specialties, Bangor Wine and Cheese, The Blue Hill Wine Shop, The Lincolnville General Store, and Maine and Loire


Eloi Lorenzo Vino Tinto Brancellao

This is an eye catching unorthodox looking bottle. The label is held on with a string around the neck and glued onto the bottle in a strip right down the center so that it sticks out like a flat placard.  The wine is a brilliant thirst quenching red from Galicia.  It's bright and juicy with lots of ripe cherry and vivid raspberry to it.  The juicy thirst quenching character will off set rich fatty foods like gravy and sweet potatoes.  This is just a flat out delicious and exciting easy drinking red.  This Brancellao is about $22 and available at Oak Hill Beverage and Maine and Loire



Cieck Erbaluce

Erbaluce comes from the root words "dawn" (Erba) and "light" (luce).  it's am ancient indigenous grape variety of Piedmont.  Remo Cieck founded the winery back in 1985 and has been working to build the profile of this unknown noble grape.  I opened one of these a week ago at a big party and was reminded how serious and deep a wine this is.   It's very aromatic and has perfumy aroma, but then on the pallet the Cieck has great acidity and a salty minerality that wakes up and the whole wine.  Think fuller bodied mineral driven alpine or Alsatian style wine and you'll be right on the money for how this drinks.  It will be a super good and fun pair for Thanksgiving.  The Cieck is about $18 and available at The Farm Stand in SoPo, Maine and Loire, Spruce Creek Provisions, and Browne Trading.


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