Contadino 2016
Pomagrana Conca de Barbera

Fredi Torres Priorat Classic


Gadzooks!  This Priorat is.....pretty!  But, but, but Priorat isn't supposed to be pretty!?  All the classic book studying I've done on Priorat has taught me that Priorat wine is must be deep, inky, stewed, and alcoholic to be worth a second sniff!  What is this!?!

Well, it's not your father's Priorat.  This is Fredi Torres' 2016 Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, and Macbeu.  Fredi works hard to make wines that are fresher and more drinkable; this Priorat is outstanding proof positive that such wines are possible, even in Priorat.  Fredi originally came from Galicia but has worked all over Spain.  He kind of cut his teeth working on a couple wineries in and around the Priorat/southern Catalonia area before getting the resources to strike out on his own.  He now makes wine under several different projects in Priorat, Montsant, and also back home in Galicia.  Maybe that cool climate thirst quenching Mencia was an influence on him; his Priorats and Montsant wines are certainly unusually well balanced.  

Aroma: Lots of ripe cherry. juicy ripe smelling red fruit aroma.  Pomegranit too.  Ripe but doesn't smell too hot.  The alcohol heat smell isn't there.  almost a sort of strawberry too!  

Taste: lush, dense, smooth ripe fruit.  It's not too big and it's not sticky or cloying.  Juicy and fruit forward but fun.  There's a taste of the granite on the finish.  a hard tightly wound almost brittle feeling quality that reminds me of Gamay or Mencia grown on granite.  definitely got some extraction.  Very grapey and vivid.  Really nice!  Really lively fun different expression of Priorat.




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