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Grand Rouviere Cotes de Provence Rose

Here it is!  2017 Grand Rouviere Rose!


Grand Rouviere is made by the Leydier family on their large old estate in southern Provence.  Their vineyards actually border the Bandol appellation, so this really is the epicenter of dry french rose.  This is about 70% Cinsault and 30% Grenache.  The Leydiers farm sustainably and actually harvest over night in order to get the grapes into the winery as cool as possible which helps maintain the aromatics.  This is a perennial favorite rose of mine!

Aroma: The Rouviere has a lovely powerful aroma of watermelon, peach, nectarine, raspberry.  This is a really pretty inviting aroma.  I'm super impressed and kind of surprised actually by how really truly beautiful this aroma is.  There's also this cool slight garrigue (that's the smell of local wild aromatic herbs that grow like weeds there) of thyme and lavender.  

Taste: The Rouviere on the palate is fresh, lively, and has great acidity.  It's pretty but it has substantial body and a meaty quality that sneaks up on you.  It's actually a way stronger rose than you realize.  The fruit is very pretty and it's there through out with raspberry cranberry and watermelon.  The minerality on the mid pallet wakes you up and get's your taste buds really going, then that slightly fat meaty finish comes in and mellows the wine all out.  It's so good!  The Rouviere rose would be awesome for shell fish, lighter white fish, salads, salmon, roast or grilled chicken....there's a lot of things you could do food wise with this! 




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