Fredi Torres Priorat Classic
Easter Wines 2018

Pomagrana Conca de Barbera


Conca de Barbera is a lesser known DO down in southern Catalonia.  Or at least it's lesser known here in the States because most wine people think Americans just want Spanish wines that are big high alcohol rootin tootin red blooded wines you can chase your Wild Turkey with.  Conca de Barbera is not that.  Trepat is a lighter red grape sort of akin to Gamay, but I would say lighter, at least in Fredi Torres' hands.  Some people actually call this wine a rose.  I don't think it is.  But I would recommend drinking it with a chill.  It pairs great with lamb, ham, hot dogs, and yard games.  

Grape: Trepat

Aroma: Raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, lots of fresh red fruit.  Fredi's Pomagrana is a pretty and cool smelling wine.  Fruity but dark and berry smelling; also not super ripe candy or cooked or dried fruit.  The Pomagrana is driven by fresh tart just barely ripe berry fruit aromas.  Also, it's a tiny bit woodsey smelling.

Taste: Fresh juicy thirst quenching!  It's only 11% alcohol.  More fresh strawberry and raspberry and cherry on the palate.  This Conca de Barbera is all rather tart berry fruit, which is great in this context.  The Trepat is bright and fresh and fun and has a sort of an edgy cut to the personality of the flavors.  It's all fresh lively fruit, not heavy sweet candied or anything like that.  This is fun party wine.  The flavors are all balanced and integrated too, it's not unbalanced like some natural wines in this price range.

Approximately $16.  But almost no one even knows I have this yet.  We'll be rolling it out for Fredi's visit to Maine on Friday.  We'll be doing a tasting at Maine and Loire from 3-5 and then a tasting at Vessel and Vine in Brunswick from 5:30-7



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