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Peppucci Petroro 2016


Vintage: 2016

Grapes: 60% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 20% Merlot.

This is great.  I really like these wines and the Petroro 4 has been out of stock for a bit with the vintage changing over.  The 2016 is exactly what i'd hoped it would be.  '16 was a great year in central Italy.  The weather was just right and many people made excellent well balanced and integrated wines.  This is a great vintage to both find value wines and to find wines that are capable of long aging.  

I visited Peppucci in Autumn of '17 and had a great time talking to Filippo, the son who's taken over running the winery that his parents began the process of starting.  It's not just that Filippo took over responsibility for the winery, it seemed like he had really grown it and stepped up the wine making to a more serious level.  Here's a video of him in the winery.


Aroma: the 2016 Peppucci Petroro 4 smells like black berry and black cherry.  It smells dark and kind of woodsey and rich.  It's substantial and grounded like the Umbrian countryside.  

Taste: Juicy, but brighter than it smells.  The Petroro Quatro tastes more of cherries and black raspberries.  It's....almost chocolately even.  The balance of acid and ripe fruit is great.  There's just the right amount of tannin to make it a serious wine that would be excellent with some kind of hearty food with some fat to it.  There's a tiny bit of smoke to it as well.  Somehow this reminds me of an Italian Bordeaux in terms of it's focus and structure and linear character.  


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