A Cold Rainy Night in Montepulciano
Visit to the Tenuta di Trinoro Winery in Tuscany

Running Across Southern Tuscany from Tenuta di Trinoro to Montepulciano and back


I got up Tuesday morning not quite super early and a bit jetlagged but excited and ready to push on through and have adventures!  It was bright and sunny and amazing to see old Montepulciano in the light! I collected my things, successfully found where I had left my car the night before, and ate the cold and congealed asparagus and Peccorino appetizer from the night before.  


I figured that Montepulciano(being an old hill town) would probably be the highest elevation point of the run so I I decided I would drive down south first and then run out and back so that I'd  hopefully be running downhill late in my run.  The roads driving down to Montepulciano were perfect for the Abarth: tight winding and down hill.  I had a great time exploding out of each corner and then slamming the brakes back on for the next to tuck the nose in.   It's sort of unrelated, but here's a video I made of the car:



Tenuta di Trinoro was out a dirt road that was slowly becoming a bog; the Abarth did not like that as much.  But I found Tenuta di Trinoro and parked the Abarth on the grassy shoulder outside their gate.  Then I started running.
Google said that their were two nearly equidistant routes I could take so my plan was to run up one way and then back down the other.  So I headed out up this dirt road.
After I had run about a mile I started really looking at the map and realized that the road was just a series of zig zags.   That was when I realized: I was running up a mountain. 
So for about 3 miles I just ran up.  I came out on this ridge top and could see super far both north and south through Tuscany. 
Although there hadn't been any forks in the road, when I looked at the GPS I was clearly not on the trail Google wanted me to be on, but at that point I really didn't care anymore and it looked like eventually the little dirt track I was following would come out on a real road again. I kept on getting off track but I wasn't too worried.  I was pretty confident that if I just kept running long enough I would get somewhere and then find my way back.  
After running on a hiking trail through a nature preserve I eventually came out on a real road again! Once I got my GPS working I discovered that I wasn't too far from the route that I had driven down earlier from Montepulciano.  Running on them seemed like a great idea since already knew that they were beautiful, rural, and hilly.  I headed up gravel SP 88, past some unknown ancient santuary or convent, that was in the midst of being restored, and then was just running over rolling green hills with farms here in there looking over the hills of Tuscany.
It was pretty good. The smells were great!  The moisture from the rain was evaporating in the sun and I could smell every different grass and wild flower and the soil as I ran along!  
I made it to within a couple kilometers of Montepulciano before I felt like I needed to turn around and head back for my appointment at the winery.  Running back down the 88 was great and I made up some time.  But after an hour or so I hit the SP40 and it started to turn into a slog.  I ground it out but the rolling hills of the final 5 ish miles I was starting to feel it.  I still took pictures of this old hilltop tower and the sign for Tenuta di Trinoro though! 
I slogged through the mud of the SP126 and finally, as I crested a hill, off in the distance I could see the rounded little black shape of my Abarth. In the end I ran 23 miles up and down over the hills and mountains of southern Tuscany.  I lay the grass for 10 minutes before I got up, changed my clothes, put on boots, and got ready to go taste wine.


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