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Noella Morantin Boudinerie


Vintage: 2016

Grape: Gamay

Noella Morantin is from Brittany originally but decided she wanted to make wine.  She pursued a degree in wine making in the Loire and for three years in the early oughts she worked with Agnes and Rene Mosse.  Next she spent a year working in Muscadet, and then met Junko Arai, who lived in Japan, but owned some of the former Clos Roche Blanches vineyards.  Noella began working the vineyards and making the wines for Arai.  Eventually the time came that Noella felt that she was ready to begin really on her own and so she bought and rented some of the former Clos Roche Blanches vineyards.

Boudinerie is 100% Gamay.  I know it's not carbonic and the grapes are foot trodden, but beyond that I'm not completely sure if this is a single vineyard plot or not.  It seems like it's a single vineyard wine because it has so much character and differs from normal Touraine Gamay.  

Aroma: There's a surprising amount of juicy black fruit in the aroma; lots of blackberry and blackcherry.  The Boudinerie smells fresh and vibrant, like you took a bunch of fresh off the vine wild blackberries and made a granita or something.  I really don't smell too much of the gameyness or wild sort of spice that I associate with Touraine Gamay.  

Taste: Supple dark fruit, but more pepper and some integrated tannins that dry out the finish and give the wine a more grounded serious character.  The fruit up front on the palate is really lovely.  It's dark, juicy, and really pretty much perfectly integrated and balanced.  I'm actually sort of shocked, this is a wine with more power and structure, but also elegance.  I think in a blind tasting I would take this for a lovely serious but drinkable now Bourgueil.  Noella Morantin's Gamay sort of does it all: it's lovely and singingly alive but very elegant with reserve depths of flavor that will do well paired with hearty foods.



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