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Anne Pichon Sauvage Rouge

Anne Pichon is an old estate in Ventoux acquired by Marc Pichon and named for his wife.  Located near the base of Mount Ventoux the domaine has various plots of Syrah, Grenache, Viognier, Vermentino, Bourbolenc, Clairette, and Rousanne on limestone soils with sand and gravel mixed in.  The domaine works organically and although Marc sadly passed away from a car accident the winery is an ongoing project. 


I borrowed the picture above from T Edward Wines, his importer.  You can read more about Pichon here on their website:

Anne Pichon Back Ground

Marc started making a red and a white under the name "Sauvage" several years ago.  This is a mix of Syrah and Grenache; the Syrah hand harvested when just ripe at 12% alcohol and the Grenache harvest at a higher ripeness of about 14% to give more concentration and depth.  The grapes ferment separately but both with wild yeast in cement tanks.  Most of this fruit comes from northern facing hillside vineyards which are generally less desirable because they're cooler (less sun) and harder to work (the richer soil having washed down hill) but with climate change growing grapes in these older less productive vineyards can help compensate for the rising temperatures and make brighter more vibrant and balanced wines.

Grapes: Syrah and Grenache, about 80/20



This is lovely classic Syrah aromatics: dark and juicy with ripe blackberry.  There's also currant black pepper, and the smell of very ripe cranberries too.


Marc Pichon's Sauvage is juicy and spicy but not too heavy.  There's a peppery heat and character that's very classic Syrah.  The wine is smooth and supple (the heat and pepper is more flavoral than textural) but the wine does stick to the inside of your mouth and really linger on your palate.  After your palate moves past the ripe fruit flavors you start to taste woodsey, wild, autumnal sort of flavors that are supported with medium tannin. 

This is a lovely warm lush Syrah that is quite well balanced and really evokes the smells and feel of southern France.  and it's a great value being well under $20 retail


That spicy black pepper was great with this seared sirloin steak!