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December 2018

Oyster River 2018 Morphos


Vintage: 2018

I forget....I think this is the 4th vintage Brian at Oyster River has made of the Morphos?  Anyway, point is that he hasn't really been making it for too long so it shouldn't be a surprise that he's learned a lot with each vintage.  For 2018 Brian changed the grower of the fruit he's purchasing.  He switched to a smaller independent grower who was willing to give him more control over both the growing and the harvest.  So the fruit was harvested without any sulfur added and sat over night which gave it some skin contact before pressing the next morning and then fermenting with indigenous yeasts.  If you hadn't had previous vintages you probably wouldn't guess that it had had a few hours of skin contact, but I definitely notice a bit more color and a richer fruit and mouth feel....who knows though since it is a new source for the fruit.  

The real important thing here is that this is far and away the best Morphos I've had and it's so much fun to drink!

Aroma: It's a cool fresh aroma that's kind of lemon limey and also has some kiwi.  This Morphos smells salty too!  Brian also said he thought there was a smell of peaches to the wine; I get it but it's more like cooked or canned peaches and not so much fresh peaches.  I like that the aroma isn't too unctuous and also not too earthy.  This Morphos is a cleaner fresher over all wine. 

Taste: Um, well, basically dry grown up Sprite.  I feel dumb saying this but it's so drinkable and thirst quenching!  The fizz is very fine and just prickly and fun.  Damn.  This is so good.  I opened a bottle earlier with several wine people that happened to be at the warehouse and they were both shocked at how much more integrated this vintage of the Morphos is.  It's still dry and slightly rustic fun farm wine, but the flavors are all so together, integrated, and fresh.  There's nothing odd or oxidized or in-your-face funky here.  This is such a fun killer wine!

Here's a video of me tasting it!