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Collecapretta Malvasia dello Scarparo

Collecapretta is an amazing family winery in Terzo la Pieve, not far from Spoleto in central Umbria.  The winery takes it's name from the hill that it's on: Collecapretta or "hill of the goat".  The hill is said to have been known by this name since the Romans.  The Mattioli family have been here for many hundreds of years.  It's a small rural place that is rather exposed and windy.  They call themselves farmers and not wine makers.  On my last visit they said they were happy that the world had come to appreciate them but that they will just continue producing wine the way they always have and won't change for anyone or anything.  I just got to taste the first vintage of a new wine they've made.  It comes from a tiny old vineyard they bought and have been slowly pruning and retraining the old vines to produce grapes again.


Malvasia di Scarparo is a wine from Malvasia grapes from a small single vineyard that was abandoned but that they have slowly recovered.  They have left the old vines and spent years slowly pruning and training them to produce grapes again.  Here is my translation of what the label says:  "The shoe maker of the town Terzo la Pieve owned this small vineyard of Malvasia Bianca, but for over 10 years it has been completely abandoned.  We have recovered the vines through pruning and training them onto a structure to lean on.   This wine is the first result of the project from grapes harvested in of October 2018.   We let the grapes macerate for 3 days and then racked the juice off with a soft press and put it in an acacia wood barrel to refine.  After 2 rackings the wine was bottled without any added sulfur.  Throughout the process of cultivation and wine making we followed the phases of the moon and did not add any chemical products"  They produced 1398 btls

Aroma: honey dew and papaya! This Malvasia has big aromatic unique aromas.  I smell tea and lemon for sure!

On the pallet it's juicy, savory, and salty; like eating a mango while swimming in the ocean.  It's lovely, sunny, and also has grip!  So good.



Here's a video of the vineyard.  This is from a visit back in spring 2017.  It includes Vittorio, Annalisa, Danilo, and Matt Mollo all talking about the vines and history.  It gives you a good sense of the exposure and wind of the place


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