Wine Tasting at Terlingua and Dinner at Chaval!
Making Wine with my Heroes in Umbria Last Month

Public Wine Tastings are back!  Wednesday and Thursday

Public Wine Tastings are back! Wednesday and Thursday

Happy Second Week of Summer! 

French Picnic Wines
Wednesday the 29th, 4-6 pm
At Maine & Loire

Wednesday I'll be at Maine and Loire pouring French picnic wines. I've gotten pretty used to taking it easy and hiding in my warehouse over the Pandemic, but I'm really going to try to clean up and shake off any antisocial habits from the Pandemic. I'm going all out, shaving and wearing a shirt. I promise: the shirt will even have sleeves!

In all seriousness we'll have great wines open: Telquel, Pepiere, Aubron Pet Nat, Fabien Jouves Les Agudes, and Eric Texier's Vaison la Romaine

Fizzy Wine Tasting
Thursday the 30th
At Monte's Fine Foods

Thursday I'll be pouring fizzy wines at Monte's on Washington Ave. Come grab some pizza and your fizzy wine of choice!

Paterna Il Rosso

Paterna is a lovely idyllic little winery out in the Arezzo hills east of Florence. This is higher elevation, windier, and cooler than pretty much the entire rest of Chianti. That doesn't keep the grapes from ripening, but it does mean the grapes have a bit more tannin and acidity and different aromas. Paterna was founded in 1978 by a group of friends who wanted to get out of Florence and go back to the land. So they collectively bought this old family farm out here in the hills and set about reviving it. The land had never been farmed with chemicals or fertilizers and they have maintained it as polyculture; growing grapes, olives, kale, wheat to grind into flour and make their own bread, strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes, and on and on. One of the principals, Marco, is actually a professor of rural Tuscan agriculture at a university in Florence! Certified organic in 1982 they were one of the first certifications in all Italy.  

They mostly make Chianti Colli Aretini. It's fantastic and structured and serious and sales of that basically support the farm. But they also make a small quantity of this: the Il Rosso. This is also Sangiovese based but I suspect the juice gets a shorter maceration, plus a larger amount of Caniolo and Ciliegiolo are blended in along with a bit of Trebbiano and Malvasia to make it even fresher. The goal is to make a fun playful red that is more like what Chianti was 60 years ago. The result is a beautiful fun fresh red that is easy to drink and less intense and tannic than a classic Chianti. It's not that expensive, but they don't make much so it's always rare and allocated.

Aroma: oh wow, beautiful vivid ripe raspberry! I can smell it from several feet away as I pour the wine. Juicy but quite fresh smelling. Thats pretty much what its got: super vivid striking raspberry with a little pluminess and hint of ginger in the background

Taste: raspberry fresh fruit that gets a bit darker onto the mid palate and then black raspberry fruit that's so racy and tart and crunchy and vivid that this smacks of killer moulin a vent cru beaujolais! The finish has some gently dry dusty tannin that dries your palate but tart raspberry and then a lingering strawberry take center stage. This isn't a complex wine but it is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. 

You can find this under $20 at Maine and Loire, Blue Hill Wine Shop, Store Ampersand, Cocktail Mary, Speckled Ax on Thames St, and More and Co.

The past year and a half has been petty crazy. Well, really I feel like my entire adult life has been lived through pretty crazy times. I feel lucky to have started Devenish when I did, lucky to be in Portland, lucky to be in Maine, lucky to have grown up with support from a lot of great people.  

My good fortune has made me more aware of the unequal support and opportunities that different kids have access to. Taking some kind of tangible action to address that has been important to me and was part of my motivation in creating the Robert Burns 10K. But for July I'm going to try something new and donate 1% of Devenish's revenue to the Opportunity Alliance. They do a lot of great work in the community.  

That's all. I'm not asking for any match donations or anything at all. It's something that matters to me so I felt like it was worth mentioning here. Thank you for all your support over the years as I and Devenish have evolved!


Max and I tasting Teres Antiques Provence Rose

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